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Welcome to ThePerfectHair family, where you can shop safely online for our premium selection of locally made natural haircare, designed with African oils and conditioning polymers, perfect for African hair.
know your curl!
see which products we recommend for your curl type
Your hair needs moisture and ph balance for definition and nourishment without frizz, wavy hair needs body without a heavy product weighing it down. It is often colour-treated or processed and may need treatment to avoid breakage.
Your hair needs internal moisturisation for curl definition, shine and protection against frizz. It has often been relaxed (or otherwise processed) and may be dry and experiencing breakage.
Your hair needs delicate but intensive moisture levels that can be readily absorbed to form soft, healthy kinky curls. manageability and wet combing is key, as is preventing shrinkage and frizz. Some kinky coilies suffer from breakage and receding hairlines due to processing and over-styling.

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